About Me

My name is Ann Norris. I am married with a grown up son and daughter. I started painting as a therapy for the Bipolar Disorder I suffer from. Initially I learned to use water colours. But 5 years ago, I went on a painting course in France, with Steven Reed. Under his tuition, I became more confident and tried acrylic paint. I found it suited me much better. Following several visits, over time, and much hard work my painting has developed, and now I get real pleasure in my work, so I am delighted at what I manage to produce. 

This year, 2020, I have recently begun to understand, that painting is a talent God has given me, to use for His glory and that I can persue painting to that end.  With more time to focus on painting, I have ended up with a collection of pictures which I would like to share with others to bring them some joy. 

I am giving 25% of the sale price and 100% of any profits to Toybox. This is a charity which looks after street children in many countries of the world. My favourite thing to give towards is buying a birth certificate for a child. In many countries, without a birth cirtficate, a child has no access to health care, education or other services. Its as if they don’t offically exist. Giving them a birth certificate to allow them to go to school, to be protected and to receive medical aid is a real joy to me.